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(Quantum) Chromodynamics

This year is the first time since quite a while that I am not taking a holiday. I did not have a winter holiday either as I was preparing for the Physics Coordination election. These days what brings me joy is to carve in my calender little bubbles of quiet moments. No notifications, no emails, not even a podcast.

These moments are not easy to find and one has to guard them like a mummy wolf would guard her baby wolves. Truth is sometimes 15 minutes is all I need. One hour is unapologetic luxury.

Watercolours have been my medecine. I can not really recall when I started to use them, but by now I have a very nice collection. What’s curious is that just their sight makes me happy, looking at them all lined up one next to other, some of them messed up by my undelicate brush strokes.

If you (hello dear reader), like any of my paintings, I am happy to send you one to your home. It’s free and I will cover shipping too (as long as I am PC). I have made almost fifteen by now and each one I made then packed with care and love hoping to bring out a little smile to whom will recieve them.

In the mean time, stay hydrated, if you get angry and frustrated with “work stuff” remember :

“Gravity does not care.”

and that's a fact.


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